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Decintell Falco : DID (BI Dashboard)

Why Decintell Falco ?

  • Ready to deploy solution
  • Pre-configured industry specific KPIs, powered by our business domain knowledge
  • Key KPIs under Finance, Sales, Quality, Supply-chain, Projects etc.
  • User Management and Role based controls, access & security
  • Inter-operability with existing ERP system data sources e.g. MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, SAP/HANA etc.
  • Free up costliest resource from unproductive admin / data gathering work

"We deliver Business Intelligence with a difference - It is Decision Intelligence "

Decintell Falco: Solution Architecture

Decintell Falco enables any ERP system data to be analysed and represented in CEO/CFO’s requirements. Predefined KPIs help build business analytics on your ERP data. Top Management can take data driven decisions to drive business growth. There are many white spaces that are currently not addressed by ERP system, Decintell can help you map these white spaces, digitize the processes, help streamline data and then use it for building analytical reports. Another area that adds productivity is to collect data over internet from your machines, equipment, logistical support systems etc. and analyse the same for Equipment Optimum Settings, Spares and Consumable Management, Maintenance Scheduling, Fast Customer Service etc…

Create Dashboard

Decintell Falco can connect with any ERP system (through Datamart on scheduled basis) to collect relevant business data. Decintell Falco then updates the pre-defined KPIs under Finance, Sales, Quality, Supply-Chain, Projects etc. to display latest business analytics and reports to the end users.

 Project Dashboard

Decintell Falco: Implementation

Generally it should not take more than 2-4 weeks to implement Decintell Falco. The timeline to deploy Decintell Falco is much shorter compared to some of Do It Yourself (DIY) Business Analytics Platforms. With the pre-defined KPIs under Finance, Sales, Quality, Supply-Chain, Projects etc., Decintell Falco can be easily configured and customized to link with your ERP business data.

Financial Dashboard

Decintell Falco: Key Features

Online Dashboard

Complete User / Role Management framework

User controlled Role definitions

CEO, CFO, CIO, GM, Plant Manager, Admin etc….

Roles Based Access and Visibility

Access by Named Users

Budgets & targets

Easy to upload Budgets and Targets

Standard templates using XLS / CSV files

User defined Target Achievement Indicators

Red below 50% of target

Yellow for 50-70% of target

Green above 70% of target

IOT Dashboard
Web Dashboard

Advanced analytics & graphs

Data analytics

Advanced graphs

  • Bar charts
  • Line graphs
  • Pie charts

Drill-down analysis

Table reports where necessary

Detailed view

Capability to add new KPIs/Customized reports

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