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Decintell Falco

Harness thousands of man-years of experience and knowledge, into a repository

Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform is a repository to retain and effectively use your enterprise-wide knowledge.

Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform helps you to harness manufacturing engineering knowledge and facilitate a rapid transition to a digitized organization empowered to take intelligent decisions.

Decintell Falco is completely modular, and you can choose modules from Engineering Change Management, Constraint based capacity planning, Production Monitoring, Spares and Warranty Management, Remote Data over Internet and several others.  

Falco is cloud based and comes with pre-built intuitive dashboards to suit your business. There is no need for IT experts or costly hardware. You can have unlimited users, design roles and access rights yourself. Falco can be accessed from anywhere be it mobile or desktop.       

Your Falco Knowledge Cloud becomes a unified knowledge repository bringing unprecedented transparency and efficiency, helps you scale up your business without adding fixed costs.