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    33+ Years
  • Satish worked as Senior Sales Leader with a leading MNC prior to Decintell. With over 33+ years of experience in Asia-Pacific, Satish worked in Software Subscription, Cloud Sales, Sales Operations and Marketing. Satish was instrumental in design, development and execution of Global Sales Programs. He deployed Sales processes, systems and controls to drive high sales growth. Satish possesses the rare combination of extremely high analytical skills and effective communications, add a high dose of integrity and that is the basis for trust.

    A lot of people have good ideas, Satish is unique as he turns his ideas into an actionable plan and ultimately business results.

    " Plan your execution. Execute your plan. Every company can achieve their goals, if they stay focused on their big picture goals while paying attention to the smallest details in execution. And not many people have those competencies, so you need help to get there. "

Mechanical Engineer with over 33+ years of Industry Experience
Sr. Director - APAC (Chief of Staff) - Autodesk Singapore (2016 to Jan 2018)
Sr. Director Strategic Planning & Operations - APAC - Autodesk Singapore (2015 to 2016)
Sr. Director - Global Sales & Marketing Operations - Autodesk Singapore (2012 to 2015)
Other Roles at Autodesk Singapore & India (1995 to 2012)

Subscription & Cloud Sales and Marketing programs
Design, development and execution of Global Sales Initiatives
Deployment of Sales processes, systems and controls to drive high sales growth
Channel Partner Sales & Incentives Programs, Pricing & Discounts Management
Sales Forecasting Systems and Processes, Employee Compensation Plans
Integrating Systems of M&A entities
Strategic Product Marketing, Marketing Operations, CRM/PRM Management