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Decintell Falco

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Intelligent Decision Support System for Manufacturing

We help create future ready manufacturing, by implementing data driven, knowledge-based Decision Support Systems - Decintell Falco!

Decintell Falco comes embedded with our domain knowledge in re-engineering and digitizing. Not all ERP systems handle specialized workflows and business processes. Neither do they provide instant visibility supporting decision making. Off-the shelf work-flow systems or data analytics, work as islands, need multiple logins, costly...


Your Knowledge Platform

Harness thousands of man-years of experience and knowledge, into a repository

Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform is a repository to retain and effectively use your enterprise-wide knowledge.

Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform helps you to harness manufacturing engineering knowledge and facilitate a rapid transition to a digitized organization empowered to take intelligent decisions. Decintell Falco is completely modular, and you can choose modules from...

Falco Modules