Boost business Productivity

  • As one of the top IoT device management companies, we offer an enterprise IoT device management solution tailored to your needs.
  • Experience remote Performance Monitoring of your installed base
  • Complete visibility of your field service team and activities
  • Enables better coordination and quicker resolutions
  • Connect factory to Falco DOIT Cloud
  • Monitor production and performance of machines
  • Implementation Timeline: 4 to 6 weeks* with minimal downtime and disruption
  • Pricing: Available on affordable and flexible pricing plans
*Depending on data readiness

You may be a FMCG, Pharma, Auto Parts,
Engineering Parts manufacturing enterprise

FMCG, Pharma, Auto Parts, Engineering Parts manufacturing enterprise
  • The DOIT IoT Device Management Platform connects machines and equipment to the Falco Cloud
  • Delivers real-time performance data
  • Falco platform features a highly scalable architecture
  • It can handle millions of data interactions per second
  • Data is securely stored on the Azure Tables platform
  • This ensures quick access and processing anytime, anywhere
DOIT - IoT Device Management Platform
Engineering goods producers


Falco DOIT can be pre-installed on OEM machines and activated onsite, with retrofitting options available for existing field or customer plant equipment.

  • Offer customers production performance monitoring services
  • Track faults and alarms to swiftly respond to field service calls

FMCG or Engineering Goods producers

DOIT, when installed on your shop floor machines, enables production and performance data transmission to the Falco DOIT Cloud.

This data can be utilized for analysis, visualization, and integration with other Falco modules for strategic decisions.

Add Capacity worth 1 Machine for every 10 Machines.